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We need to make choices that will make us better ancestors of future generations

We recognize that mobility is essential to our economy, planet and quality of life. With looming conflicts, energy transition and climate change we need to make choices that will make us better ancestors of future generations. The current way we plan and organize the way we move from A to B is outdated and doesn't meet future requirements and needs. Now is the time to explore more desirable futures for the world we want to live in.

The Lab of Thought is the platform that connects leading academia and businesses from around the globe to rethink the way we want to build our future cities. With education, sandboxes and real life experimentation we strengthen the thinking and exchange of knowledge to drive change and make impact in the real world.

The principles

We are building a global movement to change mobility

We are a global platform exploring and building new solutions. The Lab of Thought aims to reimagine the global economy in ways that move the planet forward. We strongly believe the next ten years will fundamentally change the way people move from A to B. Our foundational principles drive out thinking and doing.


De-construct everything

De-constructing existing frameworks and models is essential to start exploring alternatives.

Co-create to rebuild

Co-creation is key to successful re-building and implementation of alternative models.

Power to the open Community

Open exchange between business and academia helps de-silo knowledge and put theories into action.

Educate to change

Members will be educated by leading academia and business on four yearly topics. Learn about the topics by signing up below.

The team


The Lab of Thought is an initiative by leading academia and businesses from around the globe. The projects and research initiatives are selected and managed by expert teams from business and academia. The Lab of Thought is a not-for-profit foundation funded and supported by people that believe only radical ideas will reshape our thinking and doing.

Jonne Kuyt
Jonne Kuyt
Director of Design Driven Innovation
Matt Crisp
Matt Crisp
Expert in Smart Cities and Human-centered Technology
Marco te Brömmelstroet
Marco te Brömmelstroet
Professor in Urban Mobility Futures

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