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We are a not-for-profit foundation therefor we need your support to grow the community and run the experiments necessary to change the mind of many. You can support The Lab by buying the books we publish or grabbing yourselves a shirt, a totebag or hand full of stickers and buttons. The more people we influence the more impact we'll have. Karma points galore.

Carry your new ideas into the city like a pro.

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Carry your ideas into the city. Eco friendly. Due to our porint on demand processm delivery will take a bit longer than your average next day drop off. Anticipation is a good thing;)

Urban mobility futures the inaugural lecture of the movement

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A 10 page super condensed read on how to expand our range and make better mobility choices for the mobility future we want. You just pay for the stamp.

The Labs Ex-Pedestrian shirt

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Nobody wants to be a pedestrian because you are not a technical urban engineering description. You are a person. Responsible shirt and friendly fit. Great gift for the street-loving stroller or city hiker.

A super optimistic but intrusive propaganda package

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Be sure to make your mark and show the rest of the world you're serious about changing mobility with this light weight people friendly propaganda package. Comes in a pack of 10 stickers and 5 buttons.

Non-Boring Mobility Innovations

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"Non-Boring Mobility Innovations" is a thought-provoking collection of essays by talented urban planning students of the University of Amsterdam, who delve into the complexities of modern transportation systems. This captivating compilation challenges conventional wisdom and presents fresh ideas to redefine the way we think about mobility and our streets. Since we're printing on demand the delivery time is a bit longer.

The Labs T-shirt "We need more carless drivers"

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A self-driving car is a solution for nothing. Our cities need more drivers. Without cars. Responsible and friendly fitting cotton shirt. Front print only. Great gift for techno-utopians and petrol heads.

Movement - How to take back our streets and transform our lives.

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Our dependence on cars is damaging our health - and the planet's. The Dutch seem to have the right idea, with thousands of bike highways, but even then, what happens to pedestrians or people who want to cycle at a more leisurely pace? What about children playing outside their homes? Or wildlife, which enriches our local areas? Why do we prioritise traffic above all else? Making our communities safer, cleaner, and greener starts with asking the fundamental questions: who do our streets belong to, what do we want to use them for, and who gets to decide? Join journalist Thalia Verkade and urban mobility expert Marco te Brömmelstroet as they confront their own underlying beliefs and challenge us to rethink our way of life to put people at the centre of urban design. But be warned: you will never look at the street outside your front door in the same way again.

€ 999.99 EUR
€4.99 ORDER AT: ... The 2024 edition includes 11 brand new thought-provoking collection of essays by talented urban planning students of the University of Amsterdam, who delve into the complexities of modern transportation systems!

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There is an urgent need to rethink our thinking about mobility. The current expectations on mobility innovations are often rooted in the advances in digital technology and are generally greeted with eager optimism. Unfortunately what is often overlooked are the unmet needs of humans and our planet. The Lab of Thought attempts to explain mobility from this standpoint, so we as individuals and as societies lessen our impact on the planet, now and in the future.