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In order to radically rethink urban mobility, The Lab of Thought aims to change the thinking of leaders in the field. Thats is why we've gathered the world's leading mobility thinkers and professors to share their ideas, narratives, insights, and knowledge with a select group of attendees. This is a fantastic opportunity to learn alongside the most diverse and intriguing people in the industry.

During the event, you will have the opportunity to work together and collaborate with experts from leading universities and businesses to gain a greater awareness of what strategies will shape the future of mobility. You will walk away with a wealth of new knowledge and techniques to relate in your own work and organisation. We have a limited number of tickets available so if you are interested, please act fast.

The program

The program takes you through four steps to become a consciously skilled mobility change agent. Each part consists of a skill lecture and playshop in which skills are put into action. You learn how your are part of a narrative and learn how to deconstruct and reconstruct them into alternative narratives. The program setup and outline:
Deconstruct: Mobility Language Matters
An introduction

Marco te Brömmelstroet focusses on the role of language and the impact it has on our actions. If we want to achieve transformative change, we need to deconstruct, shift and reconstruct the worldviews that shape our thinking.

Mobility in the perspective of 7 generations.
An experience

A unique auditorial experience created by Rinke Vreeke that offers a deep-dive into the story of mobility that has shaped our current transportation networks. Our sensory experience starts at the birth place of Rinke’s great grandmother and takes us through our recent history.

You are the authors.
A lecture & workshop

If we are part of a story that was written in the past century, we can either continue that storyline or develop our own. Imagineer Chris Loughlan leads us through an exercise in which we develop our own Futurama to let people have a transformative experience. You will develop your own radio play that tickles the senses.

Shift: What changes and what stays the same.
A lecture & workshop

A lecture and workshop lead by Thalia Verkade, the co-author of Movement, on the impact of our unconscious perspective on our thinking. While we are used to here, think and talk about what changes with innovations, we often forget to reflect on what stays the same – or gets worse. You will learn to unbox those questions as way to develop non-boring innovations.

Reconstruct: Do the YMCA
A lecture & Workshop

Marcel Kampman inspires us on the role of alternative narratives and leads a workshop that teaches how to develop alternarratives and how to get people behind it. Learn the super power to Alter your narrative. (Re)write your story from different perspectives to create better understanding and get everyone and anyone mobilised..

What has been seen cannot be unseen
The roundup

We will wrap up the day as a true movement with learnings and the commitment to put our efforts into action. We’ll present and explore potential field labs for further research and/or execution. Artist Lieke van der Meer will give you an experience you’ll never forget! To catch your breath and meet your peers, drinks and bites will be served to round up the day.

The speakers

In order to drive change and create the most impact we have tailored a program that has the highest chance of changing your thinking. Therefor we have invited speakers that are not your usual suspects but represent different views and crispy perspectives on urban mobility from their own practice. Every speaker will lead one part of the program by starting a skills lecture that will give you new insights on how to approach and tackle certain challenges which then will be applied into the connected playshop.

What is a playshop? We don’t want the experimentation and exploration of new ideas sound like work but like something fun;) Anyway the playshops will put your learnings into action and will ultimately at the end of the day result in new ideas and concepts.

Speakers are under provision.

Prof. Dr. Marco te Brömmelstroet
Prof. Dr. Marco te Brömmelstroet
Professor Urban Mobility Futures at the University of Amsterdam
Thalia Verkade
Thalia Verkade
Writer and journalist, co-author of the book Movement
Chris Loughlan
Chris Loughlan
Speaker at the Lab
Rinke Vreeke
Rinke Vreeke
Urban geographer and Journalist
Lieke van der Meer
Lieke van der Meer
Spatial designer
Marcel Kampman
Marcel Kampman

Location Vogelfrei Utrecht

We are hosting the event in an extra ordinary location. A location that is associated with creativity and the urban environment; Vogelfrei Utrecht. IN their own words:

"VOGELFREI is a place where you are invited  to follow your gut feeling. Vogelfrei offer space, knowledge, network and a community for everyone with an idea.The beating heart of VOGELFREI is a multifunctional hall for lectures, exhibitions, events and training. In addition, VOGELFREI has several sub-rooms that can be used in a variety of ways. From breakout room to roof terrace."

Well, that sounds like the perfect landing ground for our event....

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